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Originally posted by [ profile] _alicesprings at Sign-Up Post!
Welcome to the Noah Who? Ficathon: Douchefest 2010.

Despite our charmingly over-the-top name, we're looking for quality fan fiction and vids.


All ratings and story lengths are welcome. Your fic can be a porny novel, or a fluffy ficlet. We're looking for a variety of fic from drama, to sexytimes, to fluff, to adventure, to comedy, to something sweet and touching. Because even more important than Noah not being right for Luke, is Reid and Luke being so right together.

To be clear: We don't need to be petty or write Noah out of character in order to show Noah is a douche; he just IS.

There are two categories.

1. Noah Who?

Which is defined as follows:
(a) to be written from an outside observer (non-Luke/Reid) POV,
(b) where the POV character starts out as skeptical of their relationship, and is either consciously or unconsciously pro-Noah, but after witnessing various scenes of Luke/Reid in action, they come to the conclusion of, "OMG they are MFEO! Noah who???"

2. General. For example:

-- A third party or Luke himself informing Reid about some part of Luke & Noah's relationship history, such as Ameera, the election storyline, the army false-start, how Noah behaved during the Brian-situation, etc.

-- Luke clues into the fact that certain behaviors from Noah in the past or present are not acceptable and/or do not demonstrate a healthy, loving relationship.

-- General douche!Noah behavior, Reid's sheer awesomeness exposing Noah's many faults, etc.

Writers are not restricted to just these examples, of course. Noah doesn't have to be the main character, he doesn't even have to be present. But he (and his douchetasticness) has to play some kind of important role in the fic.

Two examples of the sort of fic we're talking about are [info]rhiannonhero's Noah's Big Damn Movie and [info]bigboobedcanuck's An Eye for an Eye.


Vidders! Your challenge is to use clips to illustrate all of the ways that Luke and Noah were not right for each other. Feel free to use clips going back to Noah's first introduction onto the show. We are happy to entertain vids that only demonstrate how Luke and Noah are not right together, but since the focus of this challenge is also to indicate how Luke and Reid are right together, feel free to use clips that show how Reid makes Luke happy when Noah didn't, that Reid makes Luke smile like the sun while Noah made him cry, and other such illustrations of our main theme.

You may use music or just clips from the show as it's hard to really show his douchiness without the dialogue. A compendium of all of Noah's greatest douchey lines, if you will. An awesome example of the sort of vid we're looking for is Wanja SC's The Truth.

We're having a little fun hating on Noah here, but loving Luke and Reid together is our goal at the end of the day.

Sign-ups will close on November 3 and fics are due on December 19 and will be posted here in the comm.

If you would like to participate in Douchefest 2010, please leave a comment on this post. More details about posting etc to follow.


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