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Title: Not That Guy
Written By: [ profile] murgy31
Category: General
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: This is my first ATWT fic ever, so please be kind. LOL! Constructive criticism is always appreciated. This is also my first story in a year and half, so I hope I did ok. For the purposes of this story, Reid didn’t have to go to the hospital when he left Luke standing in his kitchen. Thanks to my wonderful beta [ profile] gwennylou

“I don’t play games, Luke,” Reid stated his eyes boring into the very depths of Luke’s soul. “I’m not that guy.”

Luke felt time stop, the air in the room heavy with tension, but also with something that Luke could not identify, hope maybe…

“I know,” Luke whispered so softly Reid had to strain to hear him. Luke knew that if he didn’t do something to stop Reid from walking out the door, he would lose something that he didn’t even think was possible with anyone but Noah.

“Please explain that to me, Mr. Snyder.”

“I know you are nothing like Noah, I do Reid, and that is what terrifies me.”

Reid moved away from the door and stopped in front of Luke, not daring to touch him yet. He knew that the slightest movement could startle the younger man and that was the last thing they both needed right now. He reached out his hand tentatively and grasped Luke’s hand, interlacing their fingers and drew them towards the kitchen table.

“Tell me what I need to know, Luke,”

Luke steeled himself, knowing that this conversation would be a turning point in their relationship. A make or break moment if you will.

“This might take awhile,” Luke smiled sheepishly; worried that Reid would give up before they even started.

“I have time, Luke.”
Luke’s head shot up and he locked eyes with his brilliant neurosurgeon, yes Reid was his, he knew that now. A calming breath later and he was ready to begin his tale.

“I used to think that Noah was the love of my life.” Luke began, his eyes silently pleading for Reid’s silence, so Reid stayed quiet, his grip on Luke’s fingers tightened.

“I now realize that he is not the be all, end all in my world. You opened my eyes to that, Reid, YOU not Noah.”
Reid’s eyes widened as the implication of Luke’s words began to sink in.

“You don’t have to do this Luke, not now, not ever if you aren’t comfortable. I am okay with that, I promise.”

“I know that, I really do, but I need to do this, not just for you, but for both of us,” Luke stated emphatically. “Noah was my first love, but I have come to the realization, that he is not my best love. I used to think that he and I would be together forever, that as long as we were together, we could survive anything.” Luke paused to take a breath. “This last week with you has opened my eyes to many things, Reid.”

“Like what, Mr. Snyder?”

Luke smiled at Reid’s euphemism. “Did you know that Noah blamed me for his blindness? He actually said that it was my fault that he was blind.”

“He is an idiot! You know that it isn’t your fault, right?” Reid tightened his grip to emphasize his point.

“I know that now. You helped me to see what I could have with you, and what I never had with Noah.”

“You don’t even know me that well…” Reid started.

“…I know enough to know that you wouldn’t judge me without a reason,” Luke interjected. “I got expelled from school a few years ago for rigging a student government election, Noah could have protected me, but he chose to rat me out to the Dean.”
“Not only that, he refused to believe me when I said that my Grandmother’s husband, Brian was hitting on me.”

“Hold the phone, your Grandmother’s husband hit on you?”

“My grandmother’s younger husband did, yes.”

“What is so hard to believe about that? You’re hot!”

Luke blushed, he thought he couldn’t love Reid anymore than he did in that moment, but he fell a little deeper each time Reid treated him like an adult and not a child.

“I could fall in love with you, Dr. Oliver,” Luke whispered, inching his way closer to Reid’s face.

“I am already there, Mr. Snyder,” Reid replied, sealing their new found bound with a kiss. It was in that kiss that Reid proved that he might not have been “that guy” but he was the perfect guy for Luke.


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